What does a facial cleanser do?

Facial cleansers and face washes are skincare products formulated to cleanse skin and remove any impurities like dirt, sweat, excess oil, product build up or bacteria without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Estée Lauder face wash and cleanser formulas are gentle yet effective.

How often should I use a facial cleanser?

You should cleanse your face once or twice per day, depending on your skin type, to rid your skin of dirt, sweat, excess oil or product build up. Those with oily or combination skin types may benefit from using cleanser twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. However, someone with a drier skin type may only want to cleanse one time nightly to avoid stripping the skin of natural oils.

What are the different types of Estée Lauder cleansers?

We have a facial cleanser for every skin type and concern. The different types of Estée Lauder face wash include:

• Creme Cleanser like Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Creme Cleanser
• Foam Cleansers like Soft Clean and Perfectly Clean Foam Cleansers
• Cleansing Balm like Advanced Night Cleansing Balm with Lipid-Rich Oil Infusion
• Cleansing Gelée like Advanced Night Cleansing Gelée Cleanser with 15 Amino Acids

How do I choose the right Estée Lauder cleanser for my skin type?

Not sure which facial cleanser is right for you? Take our quick Skincare Quiz to discover your perfect match along with recommendations for the rest of your routine. You can also Chat Live with an Estée Expert to find the best formula for you.

What is the difference between a facial cleanser and a makeup remover?

Face cleansers thoroughly clean skin while makeup removers are specifically made to remove makeup products like foundation, eyeshadow and mascara from the surface of your skin. Oil-based cleansers like Advanced Night Cleansing Balm With Lipid-Rich Oil Infusion can do both. This formula can effectively lift away long-wear and waterproof face, eye and lip makeup while gently cleansing skin.