Ultimate Renewal Crème

Revitalizes the radiation of the skin. Nourishes and reconstructs the skin barriers. Stimulates collagen production..

Category: Skincare

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Two particularly valuable organic oils with outstanding care properties were selected for the noble Re-Nutriv Ultimate Renewal Nourishing Radiance Collection:
Hawaiian chamois nut oil supports the natural barrier protection of the skin. 1 Hawaiians have been using this for over 100 years precious oil as gentle care for a complexion stressed by sun, wind and sea water. It is obtained from the nuts of the majestic light walnut tree (Aleurites moluccana). The seeds processed for Re-Nutriv are harvested in Hawaii and then carefully cold-pressed. The oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, is then filtered through natural clay to ensure maximum purity.
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, Korean camellia oil soothes irritated skin and at the same time supplies it with plenty of moisture. *


The care properties of the precious organic oils are enhanced by the regenerating properties of the rare snow lotus(Saussurea involucrata) perfectly complemented. For centuries it has been revered as a wonder herb that heals wounds and promotes skin rejuvenation. The resilient plant grows along the snow line in the Chinese Tian Shan Mountains. It can take up to eight years for the herb to fully mature. So it's no wonder that it is considered the “King of the Plant Kingdom” in traditional Chinese medicine. Young men used to risk their lives trying to climb the extreme altitudes and pick one of the flowers for their future bride. Today the snow lotus is known for its distinctive, self-protecting and regenerating properties. Estée Lauder researchers were able to prove that snow lotus extract supports the skin's natural repair mechanisms. To protect the rare plant, Estée Lauder only uses phyto-stem cells grown in vitro, the basis of which was previously obtained in a patented extraction process. In one of the most modern research facilities in Taiwan, China, this process takes up to nine months - proof of the preciousness of the extract, which is used for the first time in a Re-Nutriv skin care line.
Country of Origin: Belgium / Canada / Czech Republic / Dominican Republic / France / Germany / Italy / Japan / South Korea / Mexico / North Macedonia / Poland / Switzerland
Name of Mfg / Brand: Estée Lauder Companies
Address of Mfg / Brand: the Estée Lauder Companies INC,767,fifth Avenue,New York,10153,United States of America

Name and address of the importer - ELCA Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd, 202-206 Tolstoy House,15 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi 110001, India

Mfg Date (Use Before 36 months from manufacturing date): 05/2021


Revitalizes the radiation of the skin. Nourishes and reconstructs the skin barriers. Stimulates collagen production..

Category: Skincare


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